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Welcome back! This is my number fifth comic, if you've been following the series, chances are that you've been waiting for this for quite some time. So here it is! ;) Statement below.


Hello, kind statement readers :) Well as it turns out, I wanted to create a crisis pretty early in this comic, so here it is; Beng experiences an unconstructive sheep dream, wakes up pretty early, and gets discovered by someone (whose identity shall be revealed latest by the next 2 entries). I'm kinda happy to be drawing people again, the sheep arc was interesting to draw but I started wanting to draw human figures quite badly. :)

I remember one thing about the BMT instructors: they often enter your bunk suddenly, and without warning. There was once they leopard-crawled along the corridors, and appeared outside our windows at night, just to catch recruits who were using their handphones after lights out. This gives them a stealthy quality, which I have re-created in this strip. To reinforce this idea, I had Beng look around the bunk in an attempt to survey the scene, and then to look at the clock, to establish the time, and thus the duration of the sheep arc.

As always, to the very generous beings who made the effort to comment, thank you for your wonderful and constructive comments, and to everyone else who's been reading, start commenting! (yingjie and the likes :) )


'Sheep II'


Hello again dear readers! I shall not attempt to post a spoiler (the draft for the next entry is already being processed) or confuse you guys by typing anything else except that you should come back soon to check out what's gonna happen! :)

'Sheep I'


What's going on? Stay tuned for the next entry, 'Sheep II', coming right up!



Entry #002! Hope you guys are enjoying the first 2 pages of my webcomic thus far. As always, thanks for dropping by, and read the artist's statement below IF you're free. Thanks!


Thank you again, for taking time off to read this portion of my entry! So our dear Beng (Ming) has some troubles falling asleep, oh no! On the night of recruitment, insomnia is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Actually, one of the first things you notice about sleeping in a bunk, is the lack of an air-con system, and a bolster. Most of the time, you are too tired to worry about the comfort level, but there are days when, try as you may, you just can't get a minute of sleep! I'm sure some of you out there can relate to this one, so, hope you liked it.

I do realise that an overwhelming number (3, actually) of you have asked me if Beng's character is based on me. Well, not entirely, of course, but I do admit that I see a bit of myself in him. Just a bit. I mean, we're both spoilt JC kids after all!

I wonder what happens after this. Will Beng get to sleep, or will the sheep turn against him and heighten his insomnia? Check back here soon, to find out!


P.S. Thanks Yvonne, and HW, for your continuous comments and support! Everyone is invited to do the same to let me know who you are! :)



As with all other webcomics, I see the need to bullcrap talk about how I came up with this entry, etc.
If you haven't got the time though, I sincerely thank you for making the trip down to look at the first of many to come. Have a nice day, and check this space pretty soon, alright.


Only geniuses see this portion of my entry. Haha! Anyway, I thought, since the comic's title is "Ah Beng's Barracks", I would need to establish a story as to how it came about. This entry shows readers a rather unhappy 'Ming', who, for the first time in his English-educated life, gets called a Hokkien name against his own will. Frustrated, he asks the readers if he fits as the archetypal 'Beng', or is it just an outright mockery the way his name is incongruous with his image. The humor device used here is incongruity & anti-climax, which at the same time introduces the readers to the (possibly main) protagonist of this webcomic.

On my rough draft I drew a substantial number of army boys, most of whom fit into the many stereotypes of army recruits. Ming, or Beng, is a hybrid of some of these stereotypes, as I wanted to make him a little more complex, and thus more interesting as a character. I attempted to breathe some life into him by adding some superficial imperfections, such as diminished eyes (from the thick spectacles he wear), visible pimples, as well as jutting teeth. I hope you guys enjoy this first entry of "Ah Beng's Barracks", and your comments/feedback /appraisals would definitely be a tremendous source of help and motivation for future entries.

Once again, thanks for being here today, I'm honored that you are able to take time off your busy schedules and read this amateurish webcomic which, I promise, would produce works of increasing quality. Thank you! Until next time :)



Hello new readers,

This is probably your first time here, so I shall quickly acquaint you with what this LJ webcomic, ahbengsbarracks, is going to be about.

When I was 11 years young, I started drawing little doodles and pseudo-comics on foolscap paper (then available cheaply, and easily borrowable from friends), some of which are lost today. Some of them get remembered, such as catchy titles, and of which, Ah Beng's Barracks struck such a deep impression that I still remember it clearly today. Back then, I watched Army Daze, and wanted to recreate my own version of what Singapore's National Service in the Army is like.

Now, 20 years young, fresh out of army, I do have an advantage over my 11 year old alter ego, in that I know exactly what it's like being in that pit of hell. Maybe 'pit of hell' is a little harsh, but you get the point.

So follow my character, Beng, as he experiences the great transition often described as 'from Boys to Men'.

Watch this space, and add your links/comments so I know who you are.
Cheers  :)

P.S. Thanks Yvonne (ydarsono) for the link!